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Moz back then had a hugely popular Christian radio show called Kubamba that ran on weekends.The show, hosted by about five deejays from would run until midnight, then they would all head on over to her house where she would have supper ready for them in the dead of the night.Deborah reveals that the ' L-word' was 'like', because Moz was not ready to commit and decided to delay it as long as possible.They had also both just come out of serious relationships, so they remained friends for a year and a half after that before they actually started dating.Deborah was flying out that night, and it had rained heavily.Traffic was also insane and there was an electricity outage at her place, where Moz was planning on proposing.


"Some will want to just say hi or take a selfie - everywhere you go, someone is watching." The two met in 2005 at a church event in Mavuno Downtown where Moz was supposed to be the deejay."The downs in marriage fade in comparison to the ups," says Moz. Since a lot of people in the search space are geeks, it naturally follows that there are plenty of single SEO guys and gals. Actually, it's more of a collection of random SEO tips and tricks I've picked up recently that I decided to hang together by applying the tips to online dating at the same time!1) Add Trust This is something I learned from doing Conversion Rate Optimisation.


Getting users to convert almost always isn't about changing the colour of buttons or the position of images."They came to pick me up and I had not realized she was in the car when I got in. He turned out to be wrong on both counts, as Deborah is Scottish, not American and she was not faking an accent.



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