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Yes, that means you will be dismounted ("unshifted") when you attempt to pick herbs. Worth knowing so you don't choose to reproff alchemy.

I may be wrong there, but it just sounds very likely. I would say it might be in a dragon faction such as wyrmrest or such but will probably be much harder to get the rep up, or you might have to buy with embelm points either way im so happy im alchemist and will do whatever it takes to get this.

This was in my opinion, the worst RNG dependent drop to have ever been implemented in the game.

I would like to say that Nathanvel was correct The people that downrated him were too lazy to look for themselves. It applies the mounted buffthen applies the model change As in, you are mounted, not shapeshifted.


Of course, we don't know whether she is or not, we'll see how it all plays out."Druid Alchemist: "Did you equip your Parachute Cloak? "(Druid dismounts and instantly switches to Flight Form)Lowbie Passenger: 'NOOOOOOOO!........"Druid Alchemist: "Thank you for flying Alchemy Airlines, SUCKA! 100% original and exclusive 3D artworks of best artists: JAG27, EPOCH, POOCHY and other...

It sounds very likely that this "mount" does not actually transform you, but is a normal drake, which hides your character model though.

- recently unknown item Have fun :) Why would it not stay?


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