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Most recently she has augmented her white house reporting by serving as primary substitute anchor for the situation room with Wolf Blitzer a two hour long program which airs in CNN every week days.

She used the most popular micro blogging platform ‘Twitter’ to post tweets while she was covering President Obama’s trip to Europe and throughout Latin America.


Talking about her career, she first started her television job as a general assignment reporter in Boston for around 4 years.

Malveaux; an American television news journalist who co-anchored the news program "Around the World" and editions of "CNN Newsroom".

Also, she served as CNN White House correspondent and primary substitute on The Situation Room.

CNN s 2004 election and its Emmy winning 2006 election coverage was one of her most praised work as she played key role in it.


She got chance to interview former presidents George H.After her show "Around the World" was canceled in 2014 when she returned her house to take care of her mother who is suffering from ALS.



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