Who is nancy mckeon dating

Not wanting to be typecast as Jo, she declined to participate in the 2001 Facts of Life Reunion.She did suggest to the producers, however, that she would be willing to direct a Facts of Life reunion, if the story involved having the other girls gather for Jo's funeral. Father: Donald Mc Keon Mother: Barbara Mc Keon (chronic care nurse)Brother: Philip Mc Keon (actor)Boyfriend: Michael J.Mc Keon also provided the voice for many ABC Weekend Special cartoon characters, including the voice for Scruffy.Following The Facts of Life, Mc Keon was courted by NBC executives for the title role in the TV sitcom adaptation of the 1988 film Working Girl; the role, played by Melanie Griffith in the movie, instead went to then unknown Sandra Bullock for the TV series. Now, I can't see anybody playing the role, not even myself." In 1995, she starred in her own series, Can't Hurry Love, which lasted one season.” At 5’4″ and 24, the actor looks like the paperboy. Even Michael J.’s low-budget Teen Wolf earned million on the strength of his name. I don’t know where it’s all coming from, but whoever’s behind it, I’d like to send him a bottle of wine.” On fame: “I got sick of turning on the TV and seeing my face.Look on him instead as David smiting a whole gang of Goliaths, including the biggest bully on the block, Rambo, whose newest shootathon surrendered its No. The television turned into a mirror for a while.” On his fame’s effect on Family friends: “Unless Meredith [Baxter Birney] and Michael are barefaced liars, I have every reason to believe they are happy for me.

As the tomboy Jo Polniaczek, Mc Keon was the missing ingredient that turned that struggling sitcom into a longrunning hit. Fox opens the door of his mature Metropolitan Home kind of house (hardwood floors, fireplaces, three bedrooms) in L. He is as unlikely a superstar as Mickey Rooney (whose stature he shares) or Jack Benny (whose timing he shares) or his idol Jimmy Cagney (whose squat determination he shares).A.’s Laurel Canyon, you look at him and can’t help wanting to ask, “Is your daddy home? He’s reached the heights without Madonna‘s navel, Schwarzenegger’s flex or Sean Penn’s punch. Just listen to him: On his good fortune: “Back to the Future came out of nowhere.Mc Keon also appeared on the soap operas The Secret Storm and Another World.

The Mc Keons moved to Los Angeles in 1975, when Philip won the role of Tommy Hyatt and began appearing on the television series Alice with Linda Lavin.As a child actor, Mc Keon's most memorable role outside The Facts of Life was in a 1980 ABC Afterschool Special, "Schoolboy Father," wherein Rob Lowe got Dana Plato knocked up at summer camp.



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