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Sought out by Word subsidiary Benson Records the group's next album 'Focus On Glory' climbed to number five and the choir began to tour nationally. When I got around them, we all were anointed on stage, but after the concert was over, behind stage, it was a different thing." It wasn't a different thing for the choir's next CD, 'Live In Toronto', though. On the strength of Lorraine Stancil's uncredited lead on "When We Get Over There" the album soared to the Top Ten on the gospel chart.Walker says he was shocked by the hypocrisy he found on the national gospel scene. What many consider the Crusade Choir's best album came next, 1995's 'Live In New York By Any Means', which rose to number three on the gospel chart."I think some people have come along and changed the role of gospel music.But it's our job to keep it where it's supposed to be in accordance with Scripture.It's tough, but you know what gives me the inspiration? And the music has attracted people to the church so that's been really good." Hezekiah was born on 24th December 1962 in the crime and drug infested Brooklyn housing project Fort Greene.He grew up without a father and his loving mother died young.I pastor two churches, one 15 minutes away from Philadelphia in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and I also pastor in New York City.

Walker's youthful ministry and the real, street nature of his personality attracted many hip-hop artists such as Foxy Brown to the church.'Live In London At Wembley' (1997), 'Family Affair' (1999), 'Love Is Live' (2001), 'Family Affair II: Live At Radio City Music Hall' (2002) and '20/85 The Experience' (2005) have all registered high in the gospel charts.Asked by Andrea R Williams whether the changes in gospel music have been good or bad, Hezekiah had plenty of positive things to say.I've been pastoring at Love Fellowship Tabernacle since 1994.

We started the church in New York in 1994 and we started the church in Pennsylvania in 1998."About five years ago we started attracting a lot of secular artists to the ministry," Walker told Gospel Industry Today. Most of them felt that there was no vehicle back to the church and everybody was shutting them down, but I was able to let them know that we're not going to compromise what we believe, but the church is for all the people. A lot of [secular] artists out there have a heart for the Lord.



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