Who is birdman currently dating

But as Braxton reveals, the 49-year-old singer got an even larger bouquet of flowers at home.RELATED: Tamar Braxton Proposes the Perfect Man for Toni on 'Braxton Family Values' “B sent me those, but he sent me the big ones at home,” Braxton says, when she’s asked about the beautiful roses sitting on the table behind her.“I think he’s a nice man,” she said of her daughter’s beau. She and the keyboardist exchanged vows in 2001 and divorced in 2013 after 12 years of marriage. Prior to courting Braxton, Birdman has dated numerous famous women, including Keyisha Cole, Kimora Lee Simmons and Trina."Can I give a testimony right quick," the 40-year-old as she divulged on her mother's brief illness, which included heart surgery followed by a stroke.



The two of them are reportedly planning to hold a big reception bash with their friends and family after the fact to celebrate their marriage, but the ceremony itself is already complete.

We're happy to hear that these two are still happy together and only time will tell what will come from their relationship.



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    "Making intimate connections takes time because they are based on feeling a sense of trust and loyalty and having shared experiences," says Levine. I met a great mom at a restaurant because our boys were smiling and laughing at each other," she says.

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