Whitehorse singles dating

Boots and the Gang bring you their CD release party.Praise be to hillbilly heaven, the spirit of Hank Williams is alive and well.“Easy as it Seems” is kind of the album encapsulated in one song–very sleek, very soft, lots of choruses vocals and really kind of bland. “Two Sides of the Coin,” is a decent rocker, but listen to those crazy synth drums during the instrumental break.“Torpedo Girl” is the most interesting track on the disc.And it’s about how powerful women can impact a family.So, don’t bother tracking down this excerpt, just read the novel.“Tomorrow” sounds like another song off of Paul’s solo album and probably should have been a huge hit. “Talk to Me” is one of his repetitive songs that drives me a bit nutty (never liked that “talk to me-e” part).



Although interestingly, some of the songs and sonmg styles foreshadow the kind of music they’d play on the novel.

You’ll notice that Peter doesn’t get a vocal turn on this album.



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