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Let's not forget, Thai university students are actually young adults. Naruto's Harem Technique, as arranged by Konohamaru, it is consecutively using the Shadow Clone Technique and Transformation Technique, but by having the user himself and the shadow clone change into different people on the moment of transformation.They asked students to dress more modestly trying to prevent female students from wearing provocative mini-skirts and tight white shirts.So tight in the bust that they seem to challenge the strength of both fabric and buttons (so they say).The subject attracted public attention once again when the Thai girl iniform were found to be the world's sexiest student uniform, based on an online survey publicized in Japanese media at the beginning of 2011.ust in 2009, top two Thailand universities Chulalongkorn (CU) and Thammasat (TU) engaged in social clampdown campaign to tackle the issue of uniform's code and how the outfits are worn.


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