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These have included officials not only in the USA, but our nation's French ally, and also patriots in Canada embittered against what the Bronfmans and others have done to their nation and our own.

It is no exaggeration to sum up the situation thus: the only proper comparison for today's British drug traffic into the USA is the British monarchy's 19th century Opium Wars against China. The same Hong Shang and other banking interests that developed their wealth in the China opium trade are involved in the financial side of the traffic against the USA aided by those leading elements of the Zionist Lobby which have controlled organized crime in the USA and the Caribbean since the early 1920s. La Rouche, Jr., and was produced under his direction.

Dedication Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: History Introduction Britain's First Opium Wars Palmerston's Fifth Column, USA Britain's "Noble Experiment" Notes Part II: How the Drug Empire Works Introduction Banking and the World's Biggest Business From Opium to Dirty Money How the Drug Trade is Financed Britain's Gold and Dirty Diamond Operations Hong Kong - The World's Drug Capital The Peking Connection How the Royal Institute of International Affairs Runs Drugs and Dirty Money Canada - North America's Hong Kong All in the Family - The Real Syndicate Notes Part III: Organized Crime Introduction The Bronfman Gang The Kennedys - Organized Crime in the Government Britain's Assassination Bureau - Permindex Permindex Unveiled - Resorts International Intertel The Jacobs Family's Emprise - Sports and Crime The Philadelphia Story Notes Part IV: Creating the Market - The British Origins of the Counterculture Part V: The Drug Lobby - The Criminals Come Out in the Open Epilogue October 18,1978 It is with proper pride that we dedicate this book to the often- unsung U. intelligence and law enforcement officers who have so often, so obscurely, died or languished in undeserved imprisonment in the silent war of the United States against the British monarchy's illegal drug traffic into our nation.

This book is published with special thanks to those intelligence and law enforcement officials who have given us such extraordinary assistance in cross-checking facts in putting the story together.

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The Drug Enforcement Administration has released these statistics on drug use by Americans: These figures do not include that portion of the population addicted to amphetamines, barbiturates, and hallucinogens.We will tell you precisely who has done this who has the ability to control the flow of dope from the mountains of the Far East and the valleys of Colombia to American high schools, who controls the banks which launder the 0 billion in take, who puppeteers the crime syndicates in charge of retail distribution, and who corrupts our political life.It is the same people against whom we fought the American Revolution, who set up the world opium trade a century and a half ago, and who run it today: the aristocratic and banking oligarchy of Great Britain..The evil British intelligence executive and head of the Aristotle Society Bertrand Russell proposed this use of drugs as political subversion back during the 1920s. The fight against illegal drugs and against the evil forces of "decriminalization" is nothing less than a war against Britain, to the purpose of saving our youth and our nation from the destruction the British monarchy has projected for us. An October 1978 statement issued by La Rouche "A National Strategy to Control Crime" formed the kernel of this book.

Among Russell's most prominent collaborators in this effort was , coordinator of the 1960s introduction of psychedelic substances to U. This book is the product of a 100-person combined research team of the U. Labor Party in New York City, the Mexican Labor Party in Mexico City, and the European Labor Party in Wiesbaden, West Germany.That 0 billion, robbed from the world's productive sector, is the slush fund for everything evil in the world, including political terrorism and including the murder of American Presidents.


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