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For roughly seven years, her entire interaction with me was a lie.

Whenever I asked if we were cool, or if she would prefer that I did not message her, she was quite adamant that we were cool and that she would not be speaking to me if she did not like me.

To Hannah and her minions: My publishing of this information is basically a [PSA] to me. Pissed is what I was when that person, who I still believe was Hannah, said that crap in chat last year (2015).

I am not bothering to help with anything anymore after what has been said about me.

Understandably, many people believed that I was lying, because surely there would be proof if she and I spoke, right? That lie was the straw that broke the camel's back for all of this.

I have said ad nauseam how much honesty means to me and people were affecting my daily life over the issue. That revelation let me know where I really stood and it led to even more revelations, which completely blew me away.

It is a sad thing to say, but maybe if I had been weak willed enough to kill myself over it, then she would realize what she did!

Because it seems that nothing else will ever convince her that she did anything wrong.


Still, if you consider Hannah's content to actually be "CP", then you are a moron.First of all, I especially want to thank the growing number of great fans, many of whom have followed my sites for years, for reassuring me that I am not what Hannah says.



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