Ralph fiennes is dating

This odd mix of saucy eccentricity and stiff-upper-lip quintessential Britishness is what makes Fiennes such a conundrum.Notably, his other project this month is a small but perfectly-formed role as a withering British director in the Coen brothers’ 1950s Hollywood farce .On yoga, twitter and the side of him that comes out nocturnally... " I am waiting for Ralph Fiennes in the tiny Green Room at the top of London's legendary Old Vic theatre, when the man himself pops his head around the door, shakes my hand, asks my name, and says, "I'll be 10 minutes." He’s been rehearsing Henrik Ibsen's The Master Builder, and wants to pop out and grab some food before our interview.I’m ushered into a huge, airy rehearsal room, where I sit at a rickety table and continue waiting, but now feel quite relieved.In this respect, he has much in common with Harry in .


That’s quite the triumvirate but, if anyone is worthy of their company, it’s Fiennes, with roles in two of the biggest, most iconic franchises of all time: M in . be present.” This is the deep-thinking, yoga-practising side of Fiennes. It teaches that you can’t force things, you have to accept your limitations.

Tilda Swinton plays a rock megastar holidaying on a remote Italian island with her younger lover (Matthias Schoenaerts) when their dreamy idyll is disrupted by the arrival of her old flame, flamboyant record producer Harry (Fiennes), and his unnervingly provocative daughter (Dakota Johnson).

The sun scorches off the screen as hot as the charismatic cast, and Fiennes is delicious as Harry, particularly in a scene where he loses himself in a gyrating dance to The Rolling Stones’ Emotional Rescue.

You see, I've done my research, and I know that Fiennes does not like interviews.


He won’t talk about his personal life, and can be intimidating. He barely looks up during the first few minutes of our conversation, directing clipped, unsmiling answers at his Pret salmon salad.

Fiennes describes working on the film as “anarchic, unpredictable” and, while these might be negative words for some actors, he clearly loved it.



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