Playing it cool while dating

Find out more if you are eligible to join by sending an email to [email protected] We are here to help you get better at the art of dating and seducing women.If your email bounces, it means that we are not accepting new members at the moment. Every guy deserves to have good, healthy relationships with the ladies.



Maybe you’re coming across as a little too desperate, and your behavior is turning him off.If you’re in the early stages of dating, and you really want your guy to take things to the next level, this list will let you know why it’s always best to be aloof if you want to change your dating status from “single” to “taken.” The reason why men are so attracted to women who are aloof is because they secretly hate to be ignored!The next time the guy you’re seeing calls you, don’t be so quick to answer the phone.e rarely talk to the media because we want to keep our information as private as possible; however, you are welcome to use our Mini Guides which we also use internally – especially to newbies who are getting into the Game for the first time.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re not really into a guy he seems to come on even stronger? He will blow up your phone, constantly email you, and ask you out over and over again until you finally say yes.If you are against the usage of these techniques then kindly exit this website immediately.


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