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Du kan også gå på opdagelse i arkivet, hvor alle Politikens aviser findes – helt tilbage til 1. Abonnementet er personligt og giver adgang til Politikens e-avis på maksimalt fem enheder — Politiken forbeholder sig retten til at ændre ovenstående vilkår.

Célèbre et controversée, Oz a marqué les esprits ; c'est une série réaliste et ultra-violente qui s'installe dans une époque pourtant dominée par les sitcoms.

Their largest problem is not being able to verbally communicate. If you've seen this film, you know that the brief synopsis above doesn't really touch what is so special about "Walkabout." And that is because "Walkabout" isn't really about plot, like more conventional films.

The boy does help them to survive, but doesn't understand their need to return to civilization, which may or may not happen based on what the Australian boy ends up ... It is one of those rare films like Peter Weir's "Picnic at Hanging Rock," Terrence Malick's "Days of Heaven," and Wim Wender's "Wings of Desire" which are all about evoking a kind of sad and bittersweet emotional response from us. The overall impact of this film "hits you in the heart" and very impressionable viewers might be stirred in their emotions to the point of swooning in the scene at the end where the girl, now a married woman, remembers her idyllic days happily swimming in one of the outback's water holes Nicolas Roeg was not only the director of "Walkabout" but also its cinematographer.

Le point d’Oz, avec sa multitude de coupables piégés dans des circonstances tortueuses, n'est jamais subtil mais il est compliqué et puissant »« Son style unique et attrayant ne gagne pas d'endossement ici.


A psychiatrist, living in Vienna, enters a torrid relationship with a married woman.

Grâce à elle, de nombreuses productions renommées telles que Les Soprano, Sur écoute, Six Feet Under ainsi que Prison Break pourront voir le jour.


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