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Stop making up crap to justify that he wasn’t a Fuck Yes, or that you weren’t his (or her) Fuck Yes. (And, yes, I am mostly saying this to women because I think we are far more likely to get trapped in the grey, to play nice, to give too many chances and to justify things being less than great.) And yes, I understand why we do this.And for everyone’s sake, stop saying those encouraging, placating bullshit things to your friends who are wondering if they should date a grey or why the guy they liked hasn’t called. I understand the consequences of waiting for the Fuck Yes. I know about being single while all your friends are having kids.this idea, and have ever since I first heard the concept in He’s Just Not That Into You—it is pretty obvious if you like someone or if they like you.Don’t guess, don’t make shit up and don’t invest in the grey. So if dating (and life) is this simple, why do we make it so complicated?


So here is that other bit on financial institutions and their password policies. They mailed me (like, in an envelope) a little card with a grid of letters on it, which i need for logging in. I grew up on seven different streets and easily confuse their names. I’ve sent detailed emails to all of these places objecting to their password policies and use of security questions, but the most encouraging response i’ve gotten (naturally) is a not-quite-generated letter about valuing feedback and passing it on to engineers. In the meantime, i have a few sites to build, and no good options for letting people log in.I politely but firmly threw that idea out the window.


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