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According to the state report card, only Asian students and students of two or more races, met at a minimum the state score for all indicators.The red 'X' means that group failed to meet the state score for at least one indicator.Because students could be counted more than once if they participated in more than one activity, the percentage may be inflated as to the overall student population.State officials said student engagement is a good way to monitor whether students are at risk of dropping out of school.Subpopulations Subpopulations, or subgroups, are a way of breaking down students by race, ethnicity, disability status, poverty status, and English language proficiency status.The subpopulations included are: grade or above are engaged in at least one extra- or co-curricular activity connected to the school, such as sports, student government, community service, etc.


That grade was revealed during the Alabama Board of Education work session on Jan. School- and district-level grades will be made public on Feb. The state report card is required by a law passed in 2012, called the Legislative School Performance Recognition Program Act.Expenditures per student This section displays the amount of funding from federal, state, and local sources that is spent "for the education of each student." State officials said this is included because not all communities invest the same amount of resources in students which can impact student outcomes.Accountability indicators These are the factors the state department of education chose to represent school performance in Alabama.Subpopulations, also called subgroups, first got attention under No Child Left Behind, which required schools to show a subgroup's test results in order to ensure small groups of students didn't get lost in the larger school population.

The requirement to break out, or disaggregate, results for subgroups remained in ESSA.

Only students who were enrolled for a "full academic year" are included in the grade.


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