Love hina sim dating game walkthrough

She also couldn't get a boyfriend of her own, largely due to being perceived as too "high strung"; however, her attitude that boyfriends should be used and exploited probably also played a part.When Naru's parents hired a private tutor for their daughter, Mitsune also fell for him and was angered when he suddenly left them without notice.A sly and opportunistic young woman, Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno (紺野 みつね Konno Mitsune) is a close friend to Naru Narusegawa and one of the first of the Hinata Residents to live at the Hinata House.Describing herself as a freelance writer, Mitsune prefers to lead a relaxed lifestyle, drinking sake and gambling on horses.After Keitaro and Naru embarked on a soul searching trip to Kyoto, Shinobu and Kaolla went after them, leaving a note behind to tell Motoko and Mitsune where they went.

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As a result, she has a perpetually fox-like, vulpine expression.

The nickname is reinforced due to her nature as a practical joker and troublemaker; her mission in life seems to be to ensure that things never get too dull or those around her too complacent. But in spite of these traits, Mitsune seems to be regarded as the "big sister" of the group; looking out for the younger members such as Shinobu and Kaolla.

When Keitaro Urashima arrives at the Hinata Dormitory, believing he is a Tokyo University student and since he was the grandson of the owner of Hinata House, Mitsune believed that he must be rich and attempted to charm him to become his girlfriend.


However, the intrusion of the other Hinata girls stopped her.She tends to cause mischief when she finds herself lacking in entertainment.


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