Louisville purge


This message heavy tactic may or may not increase your enjoyment of “The Purge: Election Year” depending on how much tolerance you have for political reality (as scary as that is in its’ own right) seeping into your horror entertainment.The first two films could be enjoyed on a surface level as violent thrillers with the added intellectual bonus of the sly political undertones for those who chose to look deeper into the stories, but “Election Year” is impossible to watch from an unbiased perspective because politics are at the core of the story.Mitchell’s Senator Roan lost her entire family to a psychotic killer during the Purge as a teenager and wants to abolish the violent anti-holiday for good, and Grillo intends to protect her life until she can do just that.


Cincinnati is next up for pranksters promising a night of chaos modeled on the movie "The Purge."Homeland security officials said Monday they've been monitoring social media postings about "a 12-hour period of lawlessness" that would begin in the Cincinnati area the night of Aug. They told Hamilton County commissioners they aren't too worried and residents shouldn't be, either."We've determined this is nothing but a hoax, but we will continue to monitor it," said Sheriff's Capt.Police did not issue any charges, though they said those participating were guilty of “poor judgment.” The Facebook page has since been removed.The movie also inspired social media pages for purges in Cleveland, Detroit, Jacksonville, Miami, Chicago and the Bay Area, but no crimes have been attached to any event.Police believe the Louisville hysteria began with a Twitter post by a high school student.

They said the post was not threatening, but it quickly caught fire on Twitter and other social media sites, leading to worries about a violent night.

An Indianapolis man was arrested Wednesday after police say he killed three strangers during a four-day crime spree. Under the guise as a gift to the public, the government announces a “purge;” 12 hours a year where all crimes are legal and no emergency personnel are available. Purges depicted in the movies contain hordes of lawless criminals.



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