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But actually the key that it’s in makes his voice quite fragile and light.

And it’s quite low for me, so it just has this really nice dynamic between him being a bit more fragile and me being a bit more boisterous. Was it a big thing for you before, this idea of making it in America?

If that doesn't quite meet your Hannigan requirements, you can also check out her new cultural podcast with Dylan Haskins: Soundings. "Or had been great fun until Dyan started his new 'Desensitisation Of Lisa' notions [a new feature in which Haskins gets her to confront her fears, such as hanging out in a cave]. He made me go to see an actual horror theatre show last night, which was genuinely quite terrifying. I hope it lessens a bit now, it's not really my bag to be honest.

I saw The Shining and I think that's enough for anybody!

Because often, with the Internet—the Internet is just a big well of homophobic people chatting that things are gay. It’s a weird thing to say, but because I feel proud of the record, I feel insulated from—not any insecurity, of course; I know lots of people won’t like it, and that’s fine—but I know that I like it, so it does make you feel happier in general. And so I had my tiny list, which was pretty much Ray and maybe Tony Bennett. HANNIGAN: And I sort of asked him through his manager because I wanted him to be able to say no. And he happened to be in London, so it was very serendipitous how it all happened.I imagine, with Robbie Williams, if you’ve got like a thousand screaming girls chasing you down Oxford Street and then you’re walking down Broadway and there are ten screaming girls, maybe you feel like you’ve gone down a peg.I think it’s a different thing for a super massive pop star.A late 2014/early 2015 release is the aim at present.


Graciously accepting her Hotties gong for 'Best Female' in the new issue of Hot Press, Lisa Hannigan also spoke candidly about her time living in London, where writing on the follow-up to 2011's Passenger is currently ongoing. OLOIZIA: You mentioned previously that you attributed a lot of the reason you and Damien split to your songwriting styles being incompatible. I had no business having any opinion about the songwriting style. I was driving in Dublin and one came on the radio, and I didn’t recognize it for a minute.


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