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For i OS, Secure Mail still provides the count of unread Inbox emails for the sync period.

If the Control locked screen notifications policy is On, push notifications appear on a locked device screen after i OS wakes up Secure Mail to perform a sync.

For details, see this Xen Mobile Advanced Concepts article.

Net Scaler Gateway configuration While the Exchange server needs to allow traffic to the listener service, Net Scaler must allow traffic to the registration service.

In this way, devices can connect to register for push notifications.

If your EWS and Active Sync servers are different, configure your Net Scaler traffic policy to allow EWS traffic.

You can also run Wireshark traces on the Exchange Server to track outbound traffic to the Citrix listener service. When does i OS deliver notifications to Secure Mail?

Secure Mail for i OS and Secure Mail for Android can receive notifications about email and calendar activity when the app is running in the background or is closed.

Secure Mail for i OS supports notifications provided through Background App Refresh or push notifications provided through the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

Otherwise, configurations described in this article should work for Exchange 2013.

For troubleshooting, contact your Exchange administrator. To bypass the proxy server, configure the bypass list to allow Exchange to make connections to the Citrix listener service. When Secure Hub is enrolled with certificate-based authentication, you must also configure Exchange Server for certificate-based authentication.To provide push notifications for i OS and Android, Citrix hosts a listener service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to perform the following functions: The Citrix listener service does not impact mail data traffic, which continues to flow between user devices and Exchange Servers through Active Sync.


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