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There is no guarantee that they will continue to pay you once you send them the overpayment money. I went on Long term disability because of Kidney failure in 2005.I stopped working and started receiving benefits from Metlife in November of 2005.I generally tell clients that are approved for SSDI not to spend their retroactive award of disability benefits as their disability carrier will be asking them to turn over the full amount. Now I pull this retirement 2 years a little after they had approved me for the the long term disability. Now I have recieved a letter form them stating that I was supposed to let them know.This is my money that I worked hard for so can you let me know what you can do for me. Sharon, you need to check the language in your long term disability policy and see if retirement income is a deductible source of income.You should maintain copies of all documentation clarifying the time period for which the payments covers.I have a general question that you may know the answer to.


She also receives SSI and, of course, the insurer (Met Life) reduces her disability payments each moth by the amount she receives from SSI.

Even the IRS allows one to go back no more than 3 years.

Also, they have never applied COLA to their payments, unlike SSI. David, I have seen thousands of overpayment request, but I have never seen a company go back 15 years.

Social Security Disability Income benefits (SSDI) are almost always considered a deductible source of income.


SSDI is only one type of deductible source of income commonly found in group long-term disability policies.

If a disability carrier has been paying you long-term disability benefits for 20 months and you get awarded SSDI benefits which are retroactive to 15 months prior, then your disability carrier will claim that you were overpaid for 15 of the past 20 months and you must pay the retroactive SSDI award to your long-term disability carrier.


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