Free live japankorean sex chat

I hoped I could find a few penpals this time, with a bit of luck..

From India at first, pretending to be a woman, in a sari, no face in the photo, somebody posted the word "scammer" on his wall. I couldn't post on his wall, as he wouldn't allow anyone... Then he tried and contact me from several other fake profiles, same style, blocked wall, fake photos, from Afghanistan, USA, and also as an inactive user.

I first discovered this site around late 2012 early 2013. I made a few friends from Europe and was able to visit them. It was a little worse but I was still able to connect with a few people.

Starting around 2015 the site just went completely downhill and got worse with each year.

I have had dozens of people who I have been helping with their English for months or years (during regular conversation): - Demand that I write an essay for them.

That's right - they see you as a paid tutor (??Not to mention about the disgusting, cowards scammers posting insulting and racist messages on the wall as inactive users, cowardly hiding away...


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