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Jeff Bridges Nominations Best Supporting Actor 1971 – As Duane Jackson in The Last Picture Show – Lost to Ben Johnson as Sam the Lion in The Last Picture Show 1974 – As Lightfoot in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot – Lost to Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II 2000 – As President Jackson Evans in The Contender – Lost to Beniciio del Toro as Javier Rodiguez Rodriguez in Traffic 1984 – As Starman/Scott Hayden in Starman – Lost to F.

Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus Finney is one of the finest actors on both stage and screen.

I [thought] about my father and how sad it was that he never had grandchildren."Schwimmer: "I've got a real dark side. If I were given a choice between two films and one was dark and explored depraved [and] sick aspects of our culture, I would always opt for that."Brown: "I have retained a belief that it is the popular sporty kids at school who grow up to have the least interesting lives, and the unhappy young souls who develop into the most extraordinary adults. Hold on, misfits, your day will come."[Interviewer: "When you start looking at women as 'targets', do you lose any intellectual respect?


York in Sergeant York 1944 – As Ernie Mott in None but the Lonely Heart – Lost to Bing Crosby as Father Chuck O’Malley in Going My Way Dicaprio has never been in a role that didn’t deserve an Oscar nod.

Now O’Toole did win an honorary Oscar in 2003 once the Academy realized that they have long shunned this magnificent actor, who has been waiting for his statuette since his first nomination for his role in Laurence of Arabia 47 years ago.

O’Toole has been nominated 7 times since then, and helped to coin the phrase, “It’s a pleasure just to be nominated,” although you can hear the bitterness in his voice when he says it.

His role in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot was defeated in 1974 by Robert De Niro’s portrayal of the Godfather. Bridges has been a major player for the past four decades, and it is about time he got his due.

His latest role in the movie Crazy Heart, has gathered plenty of buzz, and might finally help bridges over the Oscar hump.

were much more similar to those of a creative artist than to those of a scientist; one might almost say, similar to those of a religious prophet or a seer."Friedrich Hayek: "What struck me most ... true civilization, instead of taking his ferocious flight back to the night of sensual ignorance."Chiang: "If you sympathize with [civilians] in their sufferings ... I could see that my sister was so young, and I felt it was tragic that she might not remember him.



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