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Every time the film starts going somewhere, we get another song that's played out to full length (and there are 11 of them in the movie).

The band was formed by Altman cohort (and "Perfect Couple" co-screenwriter) Allan Nicholls, and "A Perfect Couple" seems to exist as much to showcase the band as to tell the film's story.

Maybe the thought was that if the band (or any of its songs) hit, that would be enough to propel the movie to some kind of success.

By the time of "A Perfect Couple," Altman's name was showing up as screenwriter (usually in collaboration with someone from a previous film) which is a fair indication that these movies started shooting with little or no script at all, just an idea, some characters, and some sense of where it all should go.

The financing was there, and he had to take advantage of it, hoping to pull something off on the spur of the moment.

It worked with "3 Women," but he was less successful here and in "Quintet." Paul Dooley is a middle-aged divorced man living at home where his life is ruled by his rich father (since they're Greeks, his father is naturally played by Titos Vandis). They meet through a computer dating service, come together, fall out with each other, come together again, and fall out.

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Twenty-something Sheila is part of traveling rock band which lives a gypsy-like existence in a communal loft under their controlling leader.


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