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We were disappointed that Richard and Mary refused to help us. There is no hope of you receiving a letter from him soon. There is no fear of the students forgetting the date of the exam. 10) In Britain executives with very high pay and good benefits may be referred to as fat cats? 4) Most people and many managers do not understand the role of marketing in modern business. She started to learn a foreign language after leaving school. They continued talking, not paying attention to my question. He sent e-mail list, before you shut down your computer. 2)I am proud of being a citizen of the Soviet Union.

12.”Oh, Michael,” said Jane, “she’ll never tell us if you talk like that.” a. John asked how was it that they have forgotten it all. John asked how it was that they had forgotten it all. John asked how it is that they have forgotten it all. Now you could fill in this questionnaire and wait for the invitation to our club. At first, as I told you, I was inclined to suspect her (concern) OF HAVING BEEN CONCERNED in the crime. A dish of coffee and milk was respectfully submitted to the cat, who drankit contemptuously and then retired to her box of shavings with an air (sustain) HAVING SUSTAINED an insult. The whole time I was conscious (surround) OF HAVING BEEN SURROUNDED by a network of intrigue.


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