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Article III The Government of India shall succeed to the rights and obligations resulting from such acts of the French administrations as are binding on these Establishments.Article IV French Nationals born in the territory of the Establishments and domiciled therein at the date of the entry into force of the Treaty of Cession shall become nationals and citizens of the Indian Union, with the exceptions enumerated under Article V hereafter.Notwithstanding they and their children shall be entitled to choose as indicated in Article V above.They shall make this choice under the conditions and in the manner prescribed in the aforesaid Article.


The declaration of the father, or if the latter be deceased, of the mother, and in the event of the decease of both parents, of the legal guardian shall determine the nationality of unmarried children of under 18 years of age.

TREATY BETWEEN THE REPUBLIC OF FRANCE AND INDIA ESTABLISHING CESSION BY THE FRENCH REPUBLIC TO THE INDIAN UNION OF THE FRENCH ESTABLISHMENTS IN INDIA New Delhi Preamble The President of the French Republic and the President of the Indian Union CONSIDERING that their Governments, faithful to the common declaration made in 1947 and desirous of strengthening the bonds of friendship, established since then between France and India, have manifested their intention of settling amicably the problem of the French Establishments in India; CONSIDERING that after the wish of these populations had been expressed by their representatives an agreement was concluded on October 21, 1954, transferring the powers of the Government of the French Republic to the Government of Indian Union; HAVE DECIDED to conclude a. STANISLAS OSTROROG, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France in India.


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