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The Town of Dracut has its own full-time police department which employs approximately 39 police officers who utilize approximately 15 various types of police vehicles to perform their duties.

As of January 2014, the Dracut Police Department has a K9 unit.

However, some rural landscapes remain intact, as do some handsome historic houses.

One of the better known is the 290-year-old Colburn/Cutter House, with its massive beams, huge center chimney and fireplaces.


Howard, Varnum, Coburn & company who must otherwise come in to us, and leave what they have to the enemy, or be exposed to the merciless cruelty of bloody and barbarous men.

The petition of Samuel Sewall Esq., Benjamin Walker, John Hunt & Jonathan Belcher, proprietors of part of the Tract of Land called Dracut beyond Chelmsford in the County of Middlesex on the North Side of Merrimack River and of Samuel Varnum, ..., Thomas Colburne, ..., James Richardson, ..., Ezra Colburn,...

Inhabitants and Proprietors of the said Tract of Land called Dracut, ...

Parts of the community were part of the Wamiset Praying Town, one of the preserves set aside by the colonists for Christianized Indians.

The town has several large ponds, bogs and swamps, and numerous brooks (most notably Beaver Brook).Prior to the area's European settlements in the mid-17th century, Dracut and the surrounding area was known as "Augumtoocooke", and was the site of important Pennacook Indian settlements, due to the fishing grounds at Pawtucket Falls on the Merrimack River and the abundant hunting game in the surrounding marsh areas.


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