Chat to a nude robot

They speak of the warmth of feeling in Telenoid's eyes.

However, American robotics designer David Hanson has chosen not to worry about unnerving us and is already designing robots of uncanny realism with artificial intelligence and empathy, facial expression and the ability to chat.

He's tracked down historic robots and automata and along the way, and managed to salvage a few of them.

(One was made out of central heating components, another out of scrap metal and found rusting outside.) In 1970, a Japanese robotics researcher named Masahiro Mori posited a complex phenomenon known as the uncanny valley.

Every detail -- the latex skin, the mat of baby black hair -- seemed as realistic as a Ron Mueck sculpture.

The left arm rose slowly, the mouth half-open, the eyelids flickering into a squint.

The next day she returns to interview the Romero's eldery mother, winning her favor by rolling joints.They will be smart, kind, and wise," it reads on his website.


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