Accommodating fatigue

Exophoria Eyes tend to under-converge at distance and near.

Similar symptoms and treatment as convergence insufficiency. Accommodative insufficiency Inability to sustain focusing or accommodation.

In this case both cameras or eyes have to work easily, and efficiently together.


Sometimes the eye actually drifts with resultant double vision.Sometimes glasses can be prescribed to relieve a portion of the eyestrain.The prescription either reduces the accommodative (focusing) demand and/or muscle problems that produce eye-strain.If you are like most of us, the ability to carry out a structured program at home is not so good.

Therapy at home can be though of as three different levels, similar to doing exercises: pencil pushups, computerized home therapy programs, and intensive structured office and home based therapy.After reading distance objects appear blurred for a couple of minutes. The symptoms are like a chronic back-ache, most patients learn to live with them; some never telling the eye doctor they have them.


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